11 - Envy

Nick is joined by Sunday Times Washington Bureau Chief and Columnist Josh Glancy (@joshglancy). Nick and Josh compare notes on having a young family in England versus being a bachelor in New York, and talk about some of the challenges we face regardless of having children.

Theme music by Caspar Babypants.

Footnotes -
Josh Glancy
Why I won’t succumb to a dad bod like most men in their thirties
The hipster craft beer revolution has disappeared up its own fermentation tube
The uncomfortable truth about male loneliness
This is why today’s young men feel so lonely

9 - We Used To Go Out

Nick is joined by NPR Music Editor and Reviewer, Stephen Thompson, to talk about how to stay culturally relevant as a dad. And Nick offers some tips on how to avoid a lingering sense of social isolation. Check out the footnotes to find some of Stephen’s projects, and Nick’s culture recommendations.

Theme music by Caspar Babypants

Footnotes -
Pop Culture Happy Hour
All Songs Considered
Tiny Desk Concerts (Avett Brothers, El Vy)
Dire Straits
The Ringer (The Big Picture, The Rewatchables)

6 - The Birth

This is the last episode of our current run and it sees Nick and Nik recounting the birth of their first children. Topics discussed include: what to do when a random medical student pitches up to watch, how to get out of having to be at the hospital at all, birth tunes and much more. We'll be back with new episodes soon. Thanks for listening!